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Scribing Services

Onpoint scribing has a team of 20 seasoned scribes, all of whom are highly skilled, qualified and proven performers. Each has multiple years of service with private and government assignments.

Onpoint scribing understands this is a critical function for many clients, we recruit, develop and quality assure Onpoint scribing to ensure our services are accurate, detailed and prepared in line with best-practice industry standards. For government this includes scribing in line with the Australian Public Service merit principles.

Scribe Services

Onpoint Scribing offer the following schedule of services:

  • Shortlisting of candidates
  • Preparation of ‘unsuccessful letters’
  • Scheduling of interviews
  • Full scribing service including attendance at interview & preparation of the selection report
  • Alternatively, preparation of reports from papers only
  • Contact with referees and preparation of referee reports
  • Creation of letters to the delegate or chairperson
  • Preparation of ‘order of merit’
  • Preparation of ‘unsuccessful letters’ to interviewees

Onpoint scribing can assist your advertising services:

  • Advertise vacancies
  • Dispatch selection criteria or positions documentation to candidates
  • Prepare file of all applicants
  • Acknowledge receipt of applications

Why choose onpoint scribing?

Onpoint scribing is focused on providing our clients with quality and value for money outcomes and service. Onpoint scribing is flexible, offers tailored solutions and is committed to quality. Onpoint scribing has the experience and consultants to deliver.

Onpoint scribing can support public sector recruitment for roles from entry level, APS 1-6, Executive level and Senior Executive Service. Our scribes have experience covering many functional rolesincluding policy, grants, procurement and technology. We can match a scribe to suit the level of position and the role function.

Client testimonials

“Anka never appeared to fatigue. She remained focused throughout the interviews and she ably assisted the panel with phrasing of their comments without altering the intent. She effectively provided guidance to the panel members and provided input as required as she was highly focused on each candidate and their performance at interview. Anka demonstrated a strong HR background and well developed knowledge of recruitment processes.”

“The committee members have provided very positive feedback regarding Josephine’s performance especially regarding her conduct during interviews (helpful but not obtrusive) and her quick delivery of the report. For me personally I found Josephine to be very friendly and a wonderful communicator. She kept me up-to-date with her progress and followed the report format wonderfully.

Could you please pass on my thanks to her for her time. Thank you to you also for your recommendation of Josephine and your time, I know we have had quite a number of requests lately all with short deadlines and you have been wonderful in filling all of them.”

“Oliver has been employed by the Agency for his scribing services over the past year. I am very particular about the structure of our reports and the role a scribe plays in the interview process. Oliver’s first assignment was for a senior level position and in fact he scribed for five consecutive senior positions. Three of these positions were chaired by the CEO of the Agency. His professionalism, integrity, standard of report and turnaround time were exemplary. He followed instructions carefully and did exactly what I asked of him.

He has since successfully completed many other selection processes, with very good feedback from panel members. I would certainly continue using Oliver for future scribing at the Agency.”

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